46.25 MPH

240 Alemeda De las pulgas, Redwood city, CA 94062

This is the residential area in speed zone 25 miles per hour. A judge is admonishing a violator for speeding. Although the meaning is unknown, a sticker of a lollipop has been added by someone on the hand of the violator.

47.Traffic School is Boring

1919 Redwood Avenue, Redwood City, CA 94061

The sign says that you should reduce speed since traffic school is boring. It’s not surprising that somebody speeds too much as the street is wide for a residential street. Anyone who has ever been to traffic school would take the message seriously.

48.Bike Boulevard

335 Bryant Street, Palo Alto, CA 94301

This is a boulevard for bicycles which runs through a quiet residential area. There are bike lanes here and there. This boulevard gives priority to bicycles over cars. There are a few intersections on the boulevard that only bicycles can go straight, but cars can’t and that keeps car traffic to a minimum.


49.Pushing Alien in Stroller

Restoration Hardware: 281 University Avenue, CA 94301

"Man Pushing Cat in Stroller" was originally painted in 1975 on the wall. Last year, an artist was requested to restore the painting which had been damaged and had graffiti written on it as time went on. The painting is arranged contemporarily by changing a cat to an alien in the stroller.

50.Ninja Safe

2945 Middlefield Road, Redwood City, CA 94063

This is a billboard of a security company for business buildings and residential homes. Although it’s not clear that “Ninja” is an intruder or a home/building protector in the advertisement, it is evidence that Ninja has become well-known in the US.