26.Bike and Car crash sign

570 Panama Mall, Stanford, CA 94305

The signs are put up in the Stanford University campus. Many students commute from their apartments or move among school buildings by bicycle. It’s an obvious sign that cars should be careful to avoid accidents with bike riders.

27.Donation Station

1320 Marsten Rd, Burlingame, CA 94010

The parking meter is converted to collect donations for homeless, so that they don’t have to beg for money. The meters seem to be placed at tourist spots and busy crowded streets. You might be more willing to put one or two coins into the parking meters.(Texas)

28.Chapa Lion

150 S Santa Rosa, San Antonio, TX 78207

In the 1890’s, a pharmacist named Chapa had a wall of his pharmacy painted with lions and it came to be known as the lion pharmacy. As there is a market square across the street where you find Mexican restaurants and a market selling Mexican products, the spot became a meeting point. It might be a Texas version of Gin-no-Suzu or Hachiko(famous meeting spot in Tokyo).(Texas)


29.Speed Bump

216 East Guenther Street, San Antonio, TX 78204

It shows that there is the speed bump in the road. Cars can’t go over the bump without decelerating and naturally end up slowing down. It is to stop reckless cars from going through the quiet residential area.(Texas)


9800 Airport Boulevard, San Antonio, TX 78216

Stop and look both ways as this is a busy road. One is likely to find such a sign in a kindergarten. The signs are at the crosswalks on the street through the San Antonio airport in Texas. You might almost forget to look both ways at the street by looking at the sign.(Texas)