1 Letterman Drive, building B, San Francisco, CA

George Lucas has created large global hit series such as Star Wars and Indiana Jones. At the front of the Lucas film office located in San Francisco, there is a fountain of Jedi master Yoda. You will almost hear his lessons and come to be in a serious contemplation.


1320 Marsten Rd, Burlingame, CA 94010

It’s an advertising sign of a company specializing in termite control and pest control. The person hiding a big hammer behind him is trying to entice a mouse to come to him so he can hit the mouse with the hammer. The sign is placed on the roof of a building next to the highway 101 and it comes into your eyes while driving there.

23.Now You are entering United States

1 Uccelli Boulevard, Redwood City, 94063

The sign and boat are in Pete's Harbor where yachts and boats are moored. Whether it’s a joke or serious is not known. Supposing a boat arrives in this harbor from abroad, it tells that you are about to enter the US from this point.


24.Mirror of street in front

100 Fern Street, San Francisco, CA 94109

When you look at it closely, the scene of the opposite side across the street is drawn as it is reflected in mirror. “Lush Lounge” and “One Way” signs tell the mirror effect. It will be missed in a glance. It’s a smart painting.

25.Created Burritto

2400 Stage Road, San Gregorio, CA 94074

Mexican food is familiar to Californians. One of the food items is a burrito which is meat, beans, and cheese etc. wrapped in flour tortilla. Someone who found this small dead end street called “BURRITT” added “O” at the end to make it like Burrito. (Strictly speaking, the spelling of burrito has only 1 “T”.)